1. the weekend, in numbers: belated edition

    12: Time I passed out Friday night. 

    11: Seconds it took me to make a home run trot beeline around the bases during my softball team’s end-of-the-season party. Still holding the team record!

    6: Twenty-something ladies working for MTV, sashaying outside Barclays Center with headsets before the VMAs who acted like queen bees. Child, please!

    5.16: Miles I ran after an 18-day break. Man, it felt good.

    4: Graphic t-shirts I almost impulse bought at Old Navy. Somehow, I resisted and bought none.

    3: Hours I spent cleaning my kitchen (rearranging the pantry, cleaning the stove top, purging items from the fridge). I need fewer roommates.

    2: Late night hang outs with two of my favorite DJs from the college days, Courtney and Porscha (the two in the middle of the large, center photo). 

    1: Times I tried on my new suit. Think I found a keeper. Wedding season: SOON.

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