1. Sunday morning, a bunch of friends and I made the trek out to National Harbor for The Color Run.┬áIt was by far the least nervous I’ve been before a race, and most definitely the most fun 5K I’ve ever run. The finale, where we threw colored powder into the air, danced to lots of hype pop and electro tunes, felt like an alternate music video for Fun.’s hit song of the year, “We are Young” When the chorus came in, everyone was yelling “TONIIIIIIIIIGHT…WE ARE YOUUUUNG” as loud as possible. It was quite the positive boost I needed this weekend.

    We didn’t expect so many families to be there, but I guess this is nothing like Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash, so it was all good. If The Color Run rolls through your hood, definitely give it a go. No time is recorded, and no one is there to achieve a new PR. Just know that your fingernails will likely be shades of pink and purple for a few days!

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